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Manny Backus, CEO
WealthPire, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

My team of market researchers has prepared a special report.

Which reveals a little-known trading strategy that produces weekly profits from high-priced stocks like Apple, Amazon and Google.

I'd like to offer you a copy of this report.

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The majority of traders have the odds stacked against them.

They have no idea how to beat the market. So the market beats them.

In casino terms, they trade against the house... instead of... trading with the house. The strategy I reveal in this report gives you an...

Almost Unfair Advantage Over
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It generates weekly income from Apple and other over-priced stocks most investors can't afford! 
It's a new opportunity (only been available for a few years) few traders know about!
It's use is expanding rapidly across the market!
It allows you to buy high-priced stocks for up to
30 times less!
It allows you to "sell" volatility instead of being a victim of it!
It puts you in the casino position where you call the shots!

My report explains in detail how you can...

Turn Apple Stock Into Cash
Flow Up To 52 Times A Year!

The trading strategy focuses on Apple stock for several reasons:

One: Apple share prices are expensive. Not unusual for them to trade at or above $500 a pop. That keeps average investors on the sidelines. With this strategy you can buy Apple shares for bargain basement prices.

Two: Apple stock is volatile. Price surges up and drops down on a daily basis. High price and volatility let you use my trading strategy to pull out weekly cash payouts.

Three: Apple is the most important stock on the market today. Which means it has lots of open interest from traders across the board. Shifting its price almost constantly.

Four: Apple allows for the cost-saving benefit of tight bid/ask spreads. Which is due to all the open interest.

Five: Apple is newsworthy. And those news stories effect share prices. Allowing my strategy to work its magic and produce cash.

So... the combination of using this strategy with Apple stock gives traders a huge advantage.

You can profit from Apple's price swings safely.

Up to 52 times in a single year!

Plus... you can use this strategy with other stocks similar to Apple. Which means, it's possible to...

Pull Serious Profits Out Of Other
High-Priced Volatile Stocks
(Like Amazon, Google, etc.) DOZENS Of Times Over The Next 12 Months!

This report is only available from this web page.

You will not see an offer for it anywhere else. If you'd like a personal copy then place your secure order below.

One more thing: With the simple strategy in this report, it is possible for you to make thousands of dollars per month.

That is not hype.

The strategy you'll read about produces results. As long as you follow the steps I outline. In any case, I decided to price this report on the cheap.

What I'm asking for it is a lot less than the value it delivers.

Take a look below and order your copy now. Because this really is the best chance you'll ever get to know what this strategy is... and... how to use it to turn Apple stock into a virtual ATM machine.

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